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Japanese steel wire plant in Belarus Robin inaugurated

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     September 25, Prime Minister of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko during a visit to Belarus mills located in Japan when Robin for a new wire plant inaugurated.
     The new wire plant introduction of modern production equipment. The steel wire plant to help achieve a balance between the steel production and deep processing of. As a result, the production of high value-added steel semi-finished and finished steel.
     The wire plant in March 2015 and put into production, annual production capacity of 700,000 tons, the latter is expected to increase to 1 million tons.
     In addition, 75% of the product is expected to be exported. While in the country will fully replace imported rolled rod, and meet 90 percent of domestic demand straight.
     After the first products produced, the wire rod mill has been adjusting device. Customer has transported more than 36,000 steel rolled iron, with a total value of nearly $ 15 million. Company products are exported to Bulgaria, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, the United States, France, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Austria and Belgium.


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