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4K in power peripheral products FIBBR off with a hot wire of optical fiber changes

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Since the advent of television in 4K, under the major TV manufacturers pushing, 4K TV's rapid price decline, the rate of adoption will exceed market expectations, more and more into the homes of ordinary people. With the popularity and selling 4K TV signal directly stimulating ancillary supplies, amplifiers, TV screens and connected wire demand, causing these peripheral products manufacturers have begun gearing up to get into this wave of enthusiasm.
 Recently, the global optical fiber and cable giant long fly Fei Boer Group's joint venture in Beijing Science and Technology held a grand press conference, officially unveiled a new brand "FIBBR", while the first fiber optic cable HDMI HD comprehensive listing. Dan Johnson, president of long fly, global vice president and chief technology VIA Lai Jin Long and many other guests attended and delivered a wonderful speech. The experts said, FIBBR move to fill the gaps in product applications to high-definition fiber transmission field, as the domestic first fiber optic HDMI HD transmission line, can fully meet the 4K program source and high-definition equipment for data transmission requirements.
 VIA's global vice president and chief technology officer Lai Jin said in an interview, said: "The light transmission through HDMI, which is a very good concept from standard definition to high definition television, the next 4K or Ultra HD already is an inevitable trend, select. As the end of the HDMI connection is actually a very good choice. "Lai Jin also pointed out that, now that the 4K, in the future as well as 8K, by copper pass on the very issue. The long flight made fiber transmission I think there will be a very big market development, to meet the future for a long time HD transmission needs.
 Dan Zhuang long fly Group president, said in terms of resistance to bending of the fiber in terms of long fly is doing such fibers do best in the world, which is why many of us confidence to launch this product. Since the middle of the process of connecting the light future, it is important to solve the problem of anti-bending performance. From the development of China's consumer electronics products in the past history, we still strongly believe that this product will be well positioned to meet future our user experience, there will be more room for development.
Fei Boer Technology CEO Tom Kim W said that by January 2014, FIBBR in the United States, Japan, Taiwan has made more than 10 authorized patents, the application of more than 30, as well as a number of software copyrights, we can say, it is because long heritage of research and development strengths and VIA fly two parent companies, FIBBR in optical fiber transmission field walk in the front of the industry. FIBBR goal is to use light technology, optical transmission technology, developed to give consumers the best experience of consumer electronics products.
According to Tonkin wide introduction, optical fiber cable slimmer lighter and more flexible than traditional copper wire size and weight reduction of up to 60%. Most importantly, the use of optical fiber replace copper as the high-speed signal transmission medium, capable of lossless transmission of 4K high-definition images and high-fidelity audio over longer distances. Compared to traditional copper wire, HDMI active optical fiber has a longer, more detailed, more flexible, and better signal quality, no radiation, immune to electromagnetic interference advantages.
As the first custom-designed for the end consumer HD transmission line of a long distance, FIBBR more focus on user experience. Tang Kim W further emphasized, FIBBR HDMI active optical fiber cable built-in microprocessor, can prompt the user to properly connect and display device resolution. There is a very intimate lighting device side, so that users no longer have to worry about television behind a dark environment leads to always find HDMI.
Long Sheng core market sales director Mike in a media interview that the 20 trillion within three to five years as an ordinary Chinese family home of standard, high-definition video will become the main content of the family, then the cable will be an impact on the visual experience more serious bottleneck, and set a long fly and the strength of the parent company VIA 菲伯尔 two fiber optic cables is in line with current market trends. With the progress of optical fiber instead of copper this step faster and more intensive, fiber optic cable within two to three years will become the main cable products.


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