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Wire both similarities and differences between the stainless steel bar and stainless steel

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   Stainless steel bar and wire rod between closely, both occupy a very important position in the stainless steel family, saw both of them, we first thought is that the difference between the rod and line, rod is relatively heavy stuff, straight , and the line will have a gentle sense of faint trace strands, can be bent, of course, this is our life in common rod and wire, stainless steel bar and stainless steel wire rod in fact and in life and still have some contact line and stainless steel wire rod or plate really is a filamentous into strips appeared, compared to a certain thickness of the bar, the more flexible thin wire, and stainless steel bar according to the type can be divided into round bars, square bars and even hexagonal rods and other kinds, are stacked into bundles.

    Or elsewhere in the building often requires the use of a large stainless steel bar, its classification is in accordance with the series and points, for example, 2 series, 3 series and 4 series, three series, the most commonly used when belonging Three series of stainless steel bar, then fine some of the points is if 201,202,301,302,304,316,408,409,420 other types, although belong to the same stainless steel, are also stainless steel bar, but because there's different ingredients, so it manifested features is vastly different, 304 corrosion resistance, high heat resistance 310, 303 easier to cut type, hardness 302 higher, while the second series and four series have their own characteristics, but because not too wide range of use, it does not often mentioned. It is because they have different properties, it can be widely used in various industries, plays their maximum advantage.

    If the screws can not help with stainless steel bar production overkill, but processing it is not easy. Stainless steel bar or wire are by virtue of their own advantages to play a role in 404 stainless steel bar stainless steel bar belonging to the highest hardness, it can be made with a variety of high strength cutting tool,

    Stainless steel wire and bar appear in different shapes, as is better for processing, regardless of their importance compete.



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