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Nylon rope preparation chic "tree house" appeared stout pillars trees do

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June 3, a unique form of "tree house" appearance Huazhong University of Science and Technology grove of Architecture and Urban Planning Institute next to the. Shade do "roof", nylon rope woven "wall", thick trees do "pillar."

The gap between the trees, the distribution of more than a dozen wooden platform built, constitute one "room", the highest of about 8 meters off the ground, "construction area" total more than 60 square meters.

In the surrounding wood, it is wrapped around a white nylon rope formed the "line wall" to protect safety. "'Tree House' form of creativity inspired by children's imagination, the construction lasted more than three months."

Associate Professor of Architecture and Urban Planning College, Huazhong University of Science and square modest introduction. Build this "tree house", spent a total of more than 40 kilometers of nylon rope, wire rope over 1000 meters, can withstand 40 children in the above activities.



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